Noun, Noun.
It’s a person, place or thing like a guitar or microphone I use to sing.
Daddy, playground, puppy or a ball or a telephone I use to call. Noun

Adjective. Adjective.
You can use these special words to describe any noun like your favorite bird as yellow and purple, squeaky, happy and proud, colorful, beautiful, shiny and loud.  Adjective.

The adjective supports the noun.  Makes it more specific so instead of just a clown it’s a lucky, silly, red-lipped, white-faced guy with a frown.  The adjective supports the clown which is the noun!

Verb. Verb.
This is what we call an ‘action word’ like
Run, jump, hide, or driving a herd, play, climb, and read, while baking a cake or
Skipping flat rocks across the lake.  Verb.

Every sentence needs a verb to make it complete like the word ‘smell’ in ‘smell stinky feet.’  ‘Stinky’ is the adjective and ‘feet’ is the noun, the verb makes it active like a juggling clown.  Hey, clown’s the noun!